Interested in Volunteering?

I am interested in volunteering. What do I do now?

First, you need to believe that Volunteer Kenya is the right organization for you. Learn about us: our programs, our goals, and our members. If you want to be certain, go through the following steps and it will help you to make a decision:

  • Read through these FAQs ( )  You will likely find that many (hopefully most) of your questions will be answered here.
  • Look through the Orientation Packet. It will help you get a feel for Volunteer Kenya and for Kenya in general.
  • Contact us if you have specific questions at
  • If you would like to communicate with a past volunteer about their experiences, just ask our Volunteer Coordinator for contact information.

Now, if you are comfortable with Volunteer Kenya and wish to come to Kenya, continue with the following steps:

  • E-mail us for details on how to fill in the on-line application.
  • Ensure that you have the qualifications and/or training required for the program(s) you are interested in. Once you decide which program(s) you wish to be involved with, we can send you the appropriate documents. You should review these before your arrival. We will also put you in touch with the Director(s) of the program(s) you are interested in.
  • Let us know when you are thinking of coming to Kenya. Then we can ensure there is a vacancy on the farm during that time. Once we are sure there will be space, you can look into flights, insurance, visa and passport details. Once you book a flight, let us know exactly when you are coming so we can make arrangements for your arrival.

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