Despite the security challenges caused by the terror threats which have interrupted volunteer travels to Kenya ; We thank you all who have continued to support us through donations of drugs, medical equipment and finances. We have been able to continue our mobile Clinics with our local volunteers.
With the onset of the rain season there is an upsurge of malaria cases and other water borne diseases. We need urgent support in Malaria drugs, fever relievers and antibiotics. The equivalent of $1 is sufficient for one dose of malaria treatment for an adult.Thank you for your continued support and prayers.


Mobile clinic






Our Local volunteers on a mobile Clinic.

Mobile Clinic 2015 update: LSU team wraps up another successful Mobile Clinic

550+ patients were seen in the last 12 days by LSU team (consisting of Drs, Professors and Medical students from Louisiana) and ICODEI’s local staff. The coverage has been mainly in the Western region part of Kenya where most of Volunteer Kenya activities are carried out and once again, Volunteer Kenya-ICODEI appreciates their efforts to travel far and wide to join us in fighting diseases and saving lives. To learn more about our HealthCare program please visit VK website and click on “HealthCare” listed under Programs tab: photoLSU Team hard at workLSU Team at the Mobile Clinic siteLSU Team hard at work

Epico Jahns Academy, National Examination RESULTs (class of 2014)

Epico Jahns Academy Grade 8 Students (graduating class of 2014), National examination RESULTS:
Following the recent Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) results announcement, we are extremely delighted to inform everyone that all our students performed well and are qualified to join high schools across the country next year (February). Once again, our sincere appreciation to all those who have been involved in steering this forward, to past/present volunteers, Teachers and Parents – good job! We wish our students all the best as they prepare to start their high school education!

Learn more about the education program by visiting the site: under programs > Education

Success Stories

In 2010 our first Grade 8 at EPICO JAHNS ACADEMY sat for their national exams to qualify for High School of which they excelled and joined various high schools in Kenya.
Today the same team is sitting for their national exam to qualify for University. We are confident that once again they will excel and join universities next year. Thank you all present and past volunteers.

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